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Nice to meet you angel!

We are RRAW Skincare, founded by two Filipino-Chinese sisters, Ira & Irene.
Born in Iloilo City, Philippines and then migrated to Canada, only to return to the Philippines for University, which is where it all began. 

RRAW Skincare was previously known as "RRAW Philippines / RRAW-PH", founded in 2016.

We started out creating handmade soaps and body scrubs as a personal hobby and sharing it online but then grew quickly as people expressed interest in purchasing our personal soap & scrub creations! Soaps was supposed to be Ira's creative outlet but accidentally turned into a business venture. 

From then, we have fully evolved into a full skincare company! 

Our products are formulated by professional and licensed chemist. 

We locally source all our ingredients from the Philippines and only the Philippines.

We truly believe in supporting local because we personally want to help the Philippine economy flourish. 

For example, our coconut oil is locally harvested from Filipino farmers who have been around for generations.

We do NOT purchase or manufacture our products in China, even our packaging bottles are sourced from Filipino companies. 


We are currently in the process of getting FDA approved and hope to be certified by Q2 of 2023! 


We will never test on animals. It's 2022, why are we still doing that?!

We are very involved in our local animal rescue community as we are BIG advocated for animals. Through tour purchases, we have been able to rehabilitate and rehome so many animals and for that reason alone makes our skincare company worth it. 

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